Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Memorable Character Experience

Welcome to those of you joining me from Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World and those of you just hopping aboard.  I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

My memorable character experience comes from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Not your typical character meet-and-greet, this is more of a highly specialized interactive character experience.  I’m talking about the infamous Jedi Training Academy, where your little Youngling can apprentice under the best Jedi Masters around.

The Jedi Training Academy takes place on the stage located in front of Star Tours.  Kids, ages 4 to 12, learn to become a junior Jedi Knight.  Approximately 15 Padawan participants can register to be part of each 30 minute show.  If your little one is a big Star Wars fanatic, then this is a must-do at Hollywood Studios.  Be sure to arrive early to sign up to participate.  Showtimes vary, be sure to consult the daily guide for performance times.

Each participate dons a brown robe, receives a lightsaber and pledges the sacred Jedi Oath in front of a real Jedi Master.  Under the supervision of the Jedi Master the participants learn and hone their battle skills using age-old Jedi techniques.  Once these junior Jedis become proficient, they’ll be challenged by the Dark Side, culminating in a one-on-one dual with the Darth Vader himself (on occasion Darth Maul makes an appearance instead of Lord Vader).  

My son got to participate in the Jedi Training Academy in 2009 when he was 6, which is the perfect age for a boy’s love of Star Wars.  He’s now 8 and Star Wars has lost some of its appeal.  The costumes worn by the characters, the music, and the sound effects are truly authentic.  It was a highlight of the trip.  I can only image the thrill he felt in battle with Darth Vader.  The video below is his experience.

May the force be with you!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is The Disney Chick.

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  1. I love the video! We met Darth Vader for the first time in February, he was a little intimidating. :)

  2. Brilliant video! This sounds so cool!! :D

  3. What a neat video - you did a great job putting that together!

  4. Thanks! My husband deserves all the credit for the video. He did a wonderful job!

  5. I am thinking Joey and Hayley may participate in this one this trip. I can't wait! Loved the video! :-)