I’m often asked the question “My family and I are going to Disneyworld this summer. What’s not to miss?” Little do they know that simple a question could elicit such a detailed response. You see, I’ve tried to answer that question with one or two lines…even a paragraph and I’ve determined that it’s just impossible. Because Disney is Disney. I don’t know any other way to say it. J Disney-ites, Disney lovers and those of the same ilk can sympathize. As a result of my quandary, I’ve decide to write a blog to share. I certainly don’t claim or hail myself as the ultimate Disney fan. Just google “Walt Disney World” and you will get tons of official and unofficial guides on the subject. Some of them I highly respect and recommend! These are all great sources of detailed knowledge. I just want to write out of enjoyment. Much the same as Walt Disney. He didn’t create the theme parks as a business venture with the sole goal to make money. No, he started it so that there would be a place for families to go to enjoy together. Before Disneyland in California was built, most amusement parks were establishments meant for adults and not “kid-friendly”. I just want to write for a few goals 1) improve my writing skills (I have to admit I am not very good at writing); 2) to answer those questions I get from friends and family; and 3) just for the enjoyment of it. So, in the words of Walt, “To all that come to this happy place , welcome.”