Monday, April 16, 2012


In the 70s and 80s, my Dad collected miniature liquor bottles.  I have since inherited his collection.  I remember much of his collection came from our trips to Disney World, specially from a shop in the Polynesian Resort and a shop in the Walt Disney World Village (what is now Downtown Disney).  I remember going over the Poly resort just to pick out miniature bottles.  As a kid, the bottles seemed so cool.  They were colorful and in all sorts of unique shapes, plus they were miniatures which I believe every child has some sort of fascination with (my kids seem enthralled by the small bottles, too).  I vividly remember the shop in the Polynesian -- I believe it was called Trader Jack's Grog Shop and was located upstairs on the second floor approximately where Somoa Snacks is today.  I don't remember the shop in the Village, but my brother did but couldn't remember the name.  After a little research, we were able to figure out that is was Village Spirits.  Village Spirits in a guide map during that time was billed as having a "Purveying a wide assortment of spirits, liqueurs, and ales from around the world, along with the perfect mixers, and such bar items as decanters, glasses, serving trays and related gifts.  An outstanding selection of fine wines-from California Zinfandel to French Bordeaux."  I believe it was located where The Art of Disney and Disney Design-a-Tee are today.  I searched the web for pictures of either shop from the day, but couldn't find anything.  So, alas, it only exists in my memory these days.  

Five of the bottles from the collection still have the Disney World ("Walt Disney Productions") price tag labels on them.  No bar codes back then!  I know much more were purchased at the resort, especially some of the more unique ones like the Tiki god pictured below.  These are always fun to look at.  Check out the prices!  

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