Friday, November 22, 2013

My Top Tens - background music

I've been busy lately and light on the blog topics, so I thought I would pull out a series that I've been thinking on for a while.  It's call "My Top Tens" of Disney World.  I'm still thinking of topics, but these are going to be more than favorite resort or attractions.  It's light and it's fun.  I have always enjoyed reading other's "favorites" lists and got my inspiration from WDW Radio's top ten that Lou Mongello does on his podcasts occasionally.  They are always fun to listen to.  So, without further explanation because there's really not much to explain, here's the start of my top tens
My Top Tens - Background Music

disclaimer:  I exclude ride-thru, parade, and show music from this category because I can.  :)  Actually, what I'm focusing on is the background music that you don't pay attention to but adds to the environment or show.  You'll see what I mean when we get started.

10 - Fort Wilderness area music.  This is the country/folk stuff they play around the trading posts and near the Hoop Dee Doo Review.  Reminds me of growing up and spending summers at the Fort.

9 - Magic Kingdom Entrance music.  Really, who does love this?  It's like the opening track for a lovely show.

8 - EPCOT Germany Pavillion.  Tubas, accordians, oh my!  Makes me want to grab some lederhosen and dance!

7 - Magic Kingdom Liberty Square.   I bet you never thought about the background music played here?   Much of the music heard in this area reflects music from the colonial times which was less American music and more ballads and folk songs brought from England and other parts of Europe adapted to the American culture with instruments of the time including violins, fifes, recorders, drums and and flutes.  True to Disney form, the music in this area was recorded using only the instruments available during the colonial period.

6 - Polynesian Resort.  This music is just fun.  I enjoy an evening stroll through the Polynesian resort and hearing the music throughout the resort.  The speakers are hidden in nondescript boxes that blend into the bushes and landscaping or disguised as "rocks".

5 - EPCOT Innoventions Plaza.  Usually it's so loud with crowds that you don't notice this music too much, but it's there if you stop and listen.  It's unique and reflects some of the other attraction music in the park.  It's almost like it "glues" together the feel of the entire park.  Hard to explain what I mean.

4 - Hollywood Studio Sunset Boulevard.  It's 1940 and I just want to dance with my sweetheart all night long before he goes off to war.  It's an era dominated by smooth jazz and swing music.  Walking down Sunset Blvd, you could almost imagine yourself in Los Angeles in the 1940s.  I almost expect to see Clark Gable or Ava Gardner.

3 - Hollywood Studio Entrance Music.  What would Hollywood Studio's be like with movie sound tracks? As you walk into the park, past the turnstiles, you can hear music from such movies as Robin Hood, Goldfinger, Chariots of Fire, Ivanhoe, The Magnificent 7, Superman, Towering Inferno, Rocky, and more.

2 -  EPCOT - Future World Spaceship Earth Area Loop.  It's hard not to be awe of your environment standing under Spaceship Earth.  The geodesic structure is like no-other, and a person can feel so small underneath.  This music is dramatic and inspirational, just as Spaceship Earth is.

And my number one, all time favorite, background music is.....

1 - Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror.  I like the music played in the outside queue so much that I have all the songs in a playlist on my iPod and listen to them nearly everyday.  My husband swears I was born in the wrong era.  I adore the music from the 1930's and early 40's.  

Vera Lynn is my favorite songstress.  Vera who? have to google her and find out for your self!  Her voice is amazing.  Two songs of hers are featured in the ToT queue line and it just couldn't be more perfect to the atmosphere.  Below is a sampling of waht you hear while waiting in the queue line.  But it's not just the songs here that make the atmosphere.  It's how they are played; like they are off in the distance but you can't pinpoint the direction.  Very spooky, especially at night.

  We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn 
  When the Sun Sets Down South - Nobles Singers
  Inside - Fats Waller
  Jungle Drums - Sidney Bechet Ken Burns
  There's A House - Henry Allen
  Sleepy Time Gal - Glenn Miller
  Benny Berigan - Can't Get Started 
  Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington
  Wishing (Will Make it So) - Vera Lynn 
  Uptown Blues - Jimmy Lunceford
  Remember - Red Norvo
  Dear Old Southland - Noble Sissle
  Jeep's Blues - Johnny Hodges
  Pyramid - Johnny Hodges 
  Deep Purple - Helen Forrest & Artie Shaw
  Another World - Johnny Hodges
  Alabamy Home - Duke Ellington 
  Delta Mood - Cootie Williams 

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my first set of Top Tens, as much as I've enjoyed created it.  Music is an essential part of the story line throughout the parks and Disney takes full advantage of your auditory sense to enhance your experience without you ever knowing about it.  Sit back, relax and take a listen sometimes.  I highly recommend these sources for audio tracks of the parks:  Sorcerer Radio, Mouse World Radio, and D-Cot.  


  1. You picked some great background music!!! The Polynesian, EPCOT Spaceship Earth, and the others, they're all terrific!

    I also have fond memories of so many other areas the the music you hear as you walk through Frontierland. Also as you pass by Walt Disney's City of Tomorrow on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover or as you wait to board the wildest ride in the wilderness--Big Thunder Mountain. Memorable stuff!

  2. I am a background music junkie! You and I agree on number one. Best soundtrack by far. But I also am a big fan of the Jungle Cruise music too.