Friday, April 15, 2011

Shirts or Skins?

Which side are you on?

Under normal circumstances the wearing of matching t-shirts at a theme park is probably grounds for divorce, separation or, at least, major counseling.  But these aren't normal circumstances! This is Disney World and my dear, sweet husband caters to my Disney obsession (to a point).  I guess he figures it's one less shirt he has to pick out.

Here are our shirts for this trip.  It was my first attempt at tye-dye.  OK for a first time; could have been better, but they'll do.  They'll just have to do...

Now before you knock the matchey-matchey, here's ours from 2009.   Don't we look good?


  1. LOVE this shirts! How did you do the tie-dye Mickey Heads? They look different from others I've seen. Were your ones from your last trip iron-ons? That's what we did last time. Yours looked REALLY nice!

  2. How timely. I just bought t-shirts to get ready to tie-dye and was planning on making them into mickey heads too. Have not figured out yet how we are going to do them but I also bought glow in the dark fabric paint to use so my brain is trying to plot out how to do our shirts for our upcoming trip. I think yours turned out nice!

  3. I tried doing Mickey Mouse tye dye and it blew up in my face. They didn't turn out well... How did you do it? I love your shirts!

  4. I used instructions that I found on disboars using the Dental Floss technique. However, for the dye, I used spray-on dye rather than dye in a bottle. That kept the dye from wicking too much onto the other sections. I got the rubber bands as tight as I could but I still got cross-over bleeding. The outline wasn't as crisp as I would have liked.