Monday, February 17, 2014

My favorite “lost” attractions

Ahhh…memories.  I’m all for progress but sometimes you just yearn for those “lost” attractions.  A trip down memory lane is required every now and then; and thus here is my list of favorite “lost” attractions.  What’s yours?

Horizons – OMG, the orange groves.  That smell is permanently engraved in my olfactory memory.  Soarin’ helps but still not the same. 

If You Had Wings – “had wings, had wings, had wings…”.  OK, I’ll admit, it’s was a cheesy ride, but it did have character!  It’s kind of cool how the building and parts of the ride were transformed into Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. 

Mr Toads Wild Ride – ‘nuff said.  Although, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh can’t be beat. 

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Man oh man, I loved the sea whistle and the red flip down seats. 

The Original Tiki Room – Iago and Zazu are just plain annoying.  This is the one change that I truly believe should have been left alone.  The DL version is the old version, why did WDW feel the need to change this up?  I think mistakes were made and people know it, but what’s done is done, so we’re stuck with it.  I think any plan to remove the Tiki Room in it’s entirety (old or new) would be met with great resistance.  It’s iconic.  At least we still have the angry tiki gods.  Just bring back the annoying barker bird!!!  “Sqawk…one show … one show for you to see…” (Blogger note -- at the writing of this post, the news of the new opening of The Enchanted Tiki Room hadn't occurred.  See previous blog entry for details)

The empty space in front of the Tiki Room – so this really isn’t a “lost” attraction, but that silly camel ride (Magic Carpets of Aladdin) just is TOO much in a small space (OK, I know my picture doesn't really show the open space, but it was all I have at the moment.  BTW, that's my Dad and I think we have a picture of someone bringing back citrus swirls from that exact spot each trip!) 

The Magic Shop originally on Main Street.  Loved, loved getting a souvenir from here. 

River Country – this was the first water park at WDW, located at Fort Wilderness.  The official word for its closure was due to an amoeba commonly found in the warm fresh waters of Florida.  You see, part of the water park was created from Bay Lake; however, I believe that if River Country wanted to be kept around, it could have been isolated from the lake.  Economics probably played a bigger part in it’s demise.  I think in an attempt to develop Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, it was deemed not cost-worthy to keep River Country.  RC was harder to get to for non-resort guests, there was no parking nearby, it was smallish for a water park.  I liked it as a kid, but as an adult water parks aren’t really my “thing” so it’s doesn’t bother me too much.  The state it currently is in bothers me more than anything. 

Discovery Island – this attraction was good in it’s heyday when all the other local attractions (Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, etc.) had their own nature-theme activities. 

There are many others!


  1. I remember Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! A definite classic!

  2. ahhh. thanks for the memories! I loved River Country!! :)